Motorcykel tilbehør 2stk Motorcykel, Non-slip Skum Håndtag Bar Greb Dække Anti Vibration Svamp Dække


Product Description:

*1.Made of durable, UV-resistant material that does not weaken or rupture when exposed to various environments.

*2.These grip covers increase rider comfort by greatly reducing vibration and at the same time adding thickness to your standard grips.

*3.Grip bring you added comfort, better throttle control and also reduces fatigue created by vibration.

*4.The standard Grip pipe will fit standard bars sizes and grips.They are 4.7" (12cm) long and will fit grips that are 1.18in (3cm) to 1.3 (3.4cm) inches in diameter. (remember these fit OVER your standard grips, you don't need to remove them).

*5.Easy to install,squeezable grip that simply slips over your standard rubber grip (no need to remove standard grip)


Material:UV resistant material



Outer diameter:3.4cm/1.3in

Thickness: 4MM/0.15in

Fit:Honda Harley Triumph BMW and so on

Package Include:

2 x Motorcycle Slip-on Grip Cover


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